Mixed Rosé Case

A Picnic of Pinks

Perfect Summer Rosé Dozen

Kick back with summer’s most popular style of wine—at 25% off. This ready-to-chill rosé dozen includes an artfully inspired Provençal beauty, Patagonia Pinot Noir pink, a Tuscan rosato rippling with cherry flavor and much more. Just $11.66 a bottle.


12 bottles – $139.88


Our Best Deal on Rosé

Mystery Rosé Dozen

Our Summer SALE Mystery Cases are exciting mixes of wines left in quantities too small to make it into regular sale cases. Our all-rosé collections are especially scarce, so we expect them to disappear quickly. Hurry for yours.


12 bottles – $129.88


Portugal’s Sweet New Sensation

Baronesa de Vilar Rosé Port NV

Pink Port? Yes, it’s definitely a thing. In fact, it’s essential sipping in the trendy, riverside bars of Porto. This one’s a lusciously fruited delight from our (famous) friends the Van Zellar family. Only 300 bottles available.


1 bottle – $24.99


Rosé All the Way

Perfect Summer Rosé Dozen + Bubbly Trio

With a bit of bubbly, too! This ready-to-chill dozen includes a Provençal beauty, boutique Patagonia Pinot Noir, a Tuscan delight rippling with red cherry flavor and more. Plus, pop open a trio of delicate French bubbly—all just $11.32 a bottle.


15 bottles – $169.85


Summer’s Must-Have Pinks

World-Class Summer Rosé

Rosé is the wine of summer, and these are the pinks to have on hand. They arrive fresh from the 2019 vintage and some of the world’s top regions. There’s a double-gold Provence pink, crisp Malbec rosado and more for JUST $11.66 each.


12 bottles – $139.88


Provence Perfection—High Sell-Out Risk

Provençal Pinks Showcase

Every summer, rosé fans turn to Provence’s perfectly pale Grenache and Syrah blends for their crisp, mouthwatering berry flavor. This once-a-year Provençal collection brings you a gold-medal beauty, a single-vineyard stunner and more—all at 20% OFF.


12 bottles – $189.88